Hiiiii, good evening love!!
Okay i would like to talk about my bestfriend in universtiy.  I met her during our first semester. We are not talking much to each other, no hangout, not ws and so on. But my 2nd, we become quite. Because have some several sub that only you and me. 🤣🤣. We talk, we gossip!!! And my 3rd semester become amazing because of you. You care about me, you listen to my bored storyline, make jokes to each other, eat together, join all then programme together. Play games. Doing assignment, studying, and many more. I will never forget. I love when you care about me. I love how you support me when i scared and nervous during presention, advised me when i make a mistake, do the thing that i cannot do even it was the simple one😌. Believe in me. Always besided me in class and teachibg me without complaint. Bought me present. You will never know how grateful i am to meet you and become your friend. You will never how much i love you because I wont tell you. It is secret.!!!

. I hope our friendship will last forever. Loveyou.


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