Sunday, December 4, 2016


                                  DONE WITH OLAHRAGA FOR THIS SEMESTER

Yesterday, we had our olahraga day at Stadium Upsi and it was so fun. My housemate and I wake up at 6 and it was early because we know Saturday is our day to woke up late. huhhh. Then we walked from KUO to stadium, because bus will start at 7:30. As we knew the program will start at 7. And yes I am forget that I in Malaysia which mean never punctual or "janji melayu". So the programmed start at 8:30 a.m.

So as usual, olahraga will start with perbarisan.  And I am the one who joined that perbarisan. Hoho! and our group won  third place,

Then, bermula lah aktviti yang di nantikan iaitu lompat jauh, lompat tinggi, lontar peluru, larian and many more. I am the person who do not like to do the activities like this so I made decision to support our group.

So my olahraga was fun, di mana I got a chance to usha-usha orang especially budak sains sukan. eh eh. It was fun because I got a chance to create memories with them. And now I started to love this place.

GROUP H with their instructor 💙

                                              HOUSEMATE BERHUHU     💓💖

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  1. Rindu juga nak main sukan ni, tapi nak buat camne, dah tahap uncle dah ni... :-(


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