Saturday, December 3, 2016


12 December 2015, my friends and I decided to go to Bukit bendera. We wake up quite early. After solat subuh we all get ready. Take shower, put some makeup. Then we wait for prebet. Then took bus, and ferry and bus again.

We arrived at Bukit Bendera at 10 a.m. Grateful because we have Zafirah who from Penang. So, tak sesat laa.  Bukit Bendara have a cold weather. So tak laa pening jenjalan. First place we go, of course yang banyak kunci tu ala-ala Seoul sikit.

Five people, five minds, but same goals bahan syada!!!!
We went to Bukit Bendera actually to celebrate Zafirah birthday. Zafirah's birthday is on 11st December. But not suprise at all because we just told her. hahahah. Malas nak belakon. 


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