Friday, December 2, 2016


This is about that one year I was in KMPP. KMPP stands for KOLEJ MARIKULASI PALING POPULAR. hoho. jokes! KMPP stands for KOLEJ MATRIKULASI PULAU PINANG. My bestfriend, Zarif also did her matriculation in KMPP. So I feel grateful because I have her when I am quite a far with my family for the first time, I mean 5hours kot jarak perjalanan. EVERYDAY CALL MY PARENTS SAMBIL NANGIS.. HAHA! Lawak kalau ingat.

KMPP is a pretty place. We surrounded by nature, and it was really a peaceful place. And there have lake that we call LV stand for Lake View, It a perfect place to jog, play bicyle, walk around while usha KMPP boys play football or basket ball. It's a sad because we didn't really go for that during the first semester because memasing sibuk homesick.


 Semester 1 was just 6months. Kenal diri masing-masing, And second semester datang dan berlalu dengan cepat. I really want masa berhenti or bergerak lambat, I mean I really enjoy bila bersama dengan mereka. My life bacome wonderful, All of us got closer in semester 2. Pergi library sama-sama, makan sama-sama, jumpa lecturer sama-sama, lepak petang sama-sama, nasib tak share crush yang sama. hikhik.

Semester 2 was just like air yang mengalir, cepat gila berlalu. Then we had the Account Dinner, and it was fun. My friends masuk persembahan menari. Syada one of my closed friend ajak join menari but Zafirah, Syaz and I bagi alasan "TAK NAKKK, NAK MENARI DEPAN SUAMI JA". padahal tak pandai menari. haha!

So right now I am still missing Zafirah, Syada, Syafikah, Syaz so much. So this post just remind me about how much I loved KMPP so  I can still remember about KMPP in 10 to 20 years and more years.

Thanks to Zarif, Zafirah, Syada, Syafikah, Syaz, Wong, Nim, Amin, Tan, Kris, my roomate and all KMPP families 2015/2016. LOVEYOUALLSOMUCH.

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