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Yesterday, we had our olahraga day at Stadium Upsi and it was so fun. My housemate and I wake up at 6 and it was early because we know Saturday is our day to woke up late. huhhh. Then we walked from KUO to stadium, because bus will start at 7:30. As we knew the program will start at 7. And yes I am forget that I in Malaysia which mean never punctual or "janji melayu". So the programmed start at 8:30 a.m.

So as usual, olahraga will start with perbarisan.  And I am the one who joined that perbarisan. Hoho! and our group won  third place,

Then, bermula lah aktviti yang di nantikan iaitu lompat jauh, lompat tinggi, lontar peluru, larian and many more. I am the person who do not like to do the activities like this so I made decision to support our group.

So my olahraga was fun, di mana I got a chance to usha-usha orang especially budak sains sukan. eh eh. It was fun because I got a chance to create memories w…


A best friend is the kind of person who knows you inside and out. They love you eventhough they know your weakness. They know your secret but keep them forever. They know your flaws, and disregard them happily.  They hold your hand when you really need them.

To be honest, I miss them a lot. From left Me, Then, rindu nak dengar pengetua bercakap, Rndu nak dengar dia mengeluh redha bila kena bahan. Rindu kakgu, Rindu nak dengar azlina cakap kelantan, Rindu Zarif yang suka suruh orang buat nakal padahal dia yang rancang or ajar. Rindu bulat. Rindu nak suruh Tengku belikan makanan kat koop. Rindu nak tengok orang tu bawa ja bag dia kemana sahaja dia pergi.  Rindu nak kena cubit. Rindu nak nyanyi bersama dia. Rindu nak tengok dia acah-acah gaduh dengan Maz, also my classmate. Rindu Cikgu Suhaila. Rindu nak main killer dengan pengasas dia. Rindu nak dengar dia cakap "adudududuud" or "faham tak". Rindu nak dengar dia kata dia tidur lambat padahal paling awal untuk budak c…

SABAH 2016

7 months ago,when I at KMPP my mum asked me when I start my holiday. This because we planned to go to Sabah to celebrate my cousin's wedding, Izzat. Im so happy because I got a chance to join them because I will finish my matric on April.

So the trip was only 5 days and 4nights. The fourth day doesn't count because our flight back was at 12p.m. We took off from Kuala Lumput at 10:30 a.m and reached Sabah at 1 p.m. I slept on the plane as usual because sleep is my hobby.  After arrived we had lunch at malay restaurant. We ate Nasi Kukus. Then we continue our journey by van that we already book. We reached at Ranau at 8 p.m because there had many challenges in our journey. We stay at the homestay because there had many families members. The weather in Ranau was so cool. This make us lazy to take shower.

The 2nd day, we went to Tagal Luanti.

Then we went to   Kolam Air Panas Poring. Air panas yang disediakan adalah air panas yang terhasil secara semulajadi dari bawah tanah.



12 December 2015, my friends and I decided to go to Bukit bendera. We wake up quite early. After solat subuh we all get ready. Take shower, put some makeup. Then we wait for prebet. Then took bus, and ferry and bus again.

We arrived at Bukit Bendera at 10 a.m. Grateful because we have Zafirah who from Penang. So, tak sesat laa.  Bukit Bendara have a cold weather. So tak laa pening jenjalan. First place we go, of course yang banyak kunci tu ala-ala Seoul sikit.

Five people, five minds, but same goals bahan syada!!!! We went to Bukit Bendera actually to celebrate Zafirah birthday. Zafirah's birthday is on 11st December. But not suprise at all because we just told her. hahahah. Malas nak belakon. 



This is about that one year I was in KMPP. KMPP stands for KOLEJ MARIKULASI PALING POPULAR. hoho. jokes! KMPP stands for KOLEJ MATRIKULASI PULAU PINANG. My bestfriend, Zarif also did her matriculation in KMPP. So I feel grateful because I have her when I am quite a far with my family for the first time, I mean 5hours kot jarak perjalanan. EVERYDAY CALL MY PARENTS SAMBIL NANGIS.. HAHA! Lawak kalau ingat.

KMPP is a pretty place. We surrounded by nature, and it was really a peaceful place. And there have lake that we call LV stand for Lake View, It a perfect place to jog, play bicyle, walk around while usha KMPP boys play football or basket ball. It's a sad because we didn't really go for that during the first semester because memasing sibuk homesick.

 Semester 1 was just 6months. Kenal diri masing-masing, And second semester datang dan berlalu dengan cepat. I really want masa berhenti or bergerak lambat, I mean I really enjoy bila bersama dengan mereka. My life bacome wonderful…

RAYA 2016

Selamat hari raya! Hope everyone enjoyed their Raya!

This year, we spent the malam takbir at my grandpa's home. Malam raya was nice because we spent our night with all families members. I spent that night watching televison, went to my aunty's house borrow something that we need for tomorrow, plays bunga api with cousins and charging everything needs to be charged. And of course munching on kuih raya. Maybe others will think that im a lazy person not doing work but please understand our families have only 4 young girl. hoho. So all aunties manjakan.

The next morning, my sister, Anis and I woke up late. hehehe. This happened because we bergosip all night. Quite funny because i met her everyday. Actually my first raya quite stress because air shower masin. huhhhhh! habis melekit badan. Then Anis and I fully dressed with little bit make up on our face. We ate all them good laksa penang and rendang  while waited for everyone went to  solat sunat hari aidilfitri. As usual, al…