RAYA 2016

Selamat hari raya! Hope everyone enjoyed their Raya!

This year, we spent the malam takbir at my grandpa's home. Malam raya was nice because we spent our night with all families members. I spent that night watching televison, went to my aunty's house borrow something that we need for tomorrow, plays bunga api with cousins and charging everything needs to be charged. And of course munching on kuih raya. Maybe others will think that im a lazy person not doing work but please understand our families have only 4 young girl. hoho. So all aunties manjakan.

The next morning, my sister, Anis and I woke up late. hehehe. This happened because we bergosip all night. Quite funny because i met her everyday. Actually my first raya quite stress because air shower masin. huhhhhh! habis melekit badan. Then Anis and I fully dressed with little bit make up on our face. We ate all them good laksa penang and rendang  while waited for everyone went to  solat sunat hari aidilfitri. As usual, all of us gathered to wish everyone selamat hari raya  and collect duit raya from aunties and uncles. After that, it photo session, which everyone love and excited.

We went to Wan's house after that which is located like 2mins away from my grapa's house. Wan always has the best nasi dagang everrr. Nasi dagang is my fav one. I always request her do to nasi dagang when raya comes. Then we ziarah the person that we all really miss. i mean my grandmother. Then we went to the others house. ate all the time. Raya mean hari menternak lemak.

Ala's house! We went to grandma house. Balik belah ayah pula. Ala loves to cook so much. So when went to ala's house, she makes the best rendang, and I enjoyed a lot! but this year not meriah as usual because my grandma was sick. So we need to change when we want to go out to take care of her.

 Then we went to atuk saudara punya rumah. hoho. This house always ada banyak makanan. I ate a lot.

My schoolmate buat open house. Im so happy because i got a chance to meet them after a few months do not see their face. I miss all memories, that I create with them. So as usual bila jumpa tiada istilah diam. Bising all the time. Masa makan pun bercakap. But they still the same. Take care each others. Gosipp. Asked question like dah ad keeee boyfriend dekat uni. then menganjing peh pehh dah nak amik degree. hahaha.
 Zarif, Salwa, Me, Mira, Eznie, Maz, Fatin, Izzat, Syamim, Shafiq, Syaiful, and Aqil.

Always my favourite one. Love them a lot.


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